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About this Site

Fauquier County (pronounced faw-KEER) has taken a very serious look over the past several months at how technology can be used to benefit our citizens and employees. This new website, launched in March 2002, is the product of a well-thought-out plan for increasing services, and making information accessible without regards to the time of day (or night!).

Getting Around:
Our website has been designed for easy navigation, and to help citizens find information quickly. We've also included a large amount of information for visitors and potential businesses that can be accessed with a click or two.

The Site is broken into four main parts:

  • Business (the Business web site is maintained by the Economic Development Department)
  • Education
  • Visitors (the Visitors web site is maintained by the Economic Development Department)
  • Government

Within the four areas, you will find easy-to-follow links to internal and external web pages.

We've included a well-organized Sitemap to help you find what you're looking for.

Most pages have links in one of four places:

  • Top of Page
  • Left Hand Column
  • Search Box (typically located in the bottom center of a page)
  • Within the body of the page

Your browser and useful software:
We've taken advantage of the most current technologies whenever possible in order to make the site more interesting, informative, and useful. You'll find by using the following you will have the best experience when using our site:

  • Browser -

    • We recommend using Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher. Download free copy of Internet Explorer 6.0, or order CD by clicking here.

  • Adobe Acrobat Reader - Acrobat is very useful software that allows us to save, and for you to view, documents in a consistent, very user-friendly and printable layout. Acrobat is free software, and can be downloaded by clicking here.

The site has been built using a technology called "Cold Fusion" by Macromedia. You will find interactive database-driven applications in Procurement, Agricultural Development, our Calendars area, and our Contact Us area that use this technology.

County Seal
Read about the history of our county seal.

We would like to thank Imaging Acceptance Corporation, SAIC, and the Fauquier Historical Society for sharing images and photographs used on this site. We also used many lovely photographs taken by County employees, including Rick Carr and Regina Bryan.


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