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Courtroom Rules and Etiquette

Courtroom Rules and Etiquette

  • Proper attire is required of all persons appearing in Court.  Dress appropriately: 
    • Clothes are to be reasonably clean and not torn or ripped.
    • Shirts, neatly tucked-in, and shoes are required.
    • No shorts, miniskirts, tank tops, halter-tops, sleeveless T-shirts, or flip-flops. 
    • T-shirts are not to contain inappropriate language or images. 
    • Midriffs and stomachs are to be covered at all times. 
    • Dress should be modest whether sitting or standing. 
    • Headwear is permitted only for cases of recognized medical, cultural or religious reasons.
    • Attorneys are expected to dress in traditional attire as officers of the Court. 

                The foregoing is subject to modification at the Court’s discretion.

  • Do not enter the building with any weapons or what could be utilized as weapons. This includes pocket knives, mace, firearms, scissors, etc.  To maintain safety and security of the building, all items will be searched as you enter the Courthouse Building.

  •  Cell phones or similar devices are not allowed in the courtroom. Please leave these items in your vehicle.

  •  You may NOT take any food or drink into a courtroom with you.

  • Please arrive on time and as you enter the building, please remove any and all loose items from your pockets and follow procedures as directed by the deputy sheriff(s) staffing the security checkpoint. This makes entry into the building faster and the screening process more effective.

  • Once you are in the courtroom and court has started, please remain seated and quiet until your case is called. Silence is required while Court is in session. The reading and shuffling of papers and other items is distracting to court proceedings. Any disruption will be cause for dismissal.

  • If you have a child with you that starts to cry or becomes disruptive, please take them out of the courtroom.

  • If you are standing in the hallway outside the courtroom, please conduct yourself in a quiet and orderly manner.


Date Last Modified: 07/28/2014


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