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Who is required to obtain a business license? Any individual, partnership or corporation engaged in any business or profession or occupation in Fauquier County. Those businesses whose gross receipts are less than $200,000 (contractors $25,001) are eligible for a no fee license. Businesses above those threshold amounts are rated. For Contractors, prior to issuance of a Workers' Compensation Commission form VWC61A must be completed.

Is my license good in all jurisdictions I operate in: No. Each jurisdiction that has business license ordinances has their own licensing requirements. You need to check with each city, county or town in which you work.

What is the license based on? Gross receipts. The money that is received before any taxes, materials, etc. is deducted.

When should you obtain a license? You are required to obtain a license within one month of the start date of your business and payment will be due within thirty days from billing.

Where may I obtain the business license forms? Applications for business license are available in person at 29 Ashby Street, Warrenton or call 540-422-8166 and the license office will mail you an application.

How long is the license valid? The license is valid from July 1 to June 30 of the following year.

If I use my vehicle for business, can I still get the personal property tax relief? A vehicle cannot qualify for tax relief if more than 50% of the use is for business purposes.

If I am a contractor and my business is located in another jurisdiction and I am licensed there, but I do some work in Fauquier County, am I required to obtain a license in Fauquier? Yes, if your gross receipts are $25,000 or more in Fauquier County.

What county offices do I need to check with when starting a business? (a) the business taxation division of the Commissioner of Revenue (b) zoning administrator in the office of Community Development (c) Clerk of the Circuit Court. These offices are all located in the same building.

Does a contractor doing business in Fauquier County have to be bonded? No, you do not have to be bonded in order to obtain a Fauquier County Business License.

Do I need a license for the town and the county? If your office is located in the Town of Warrenton, you only need a Town of Warrenton business license.


1. Contractors and Builder Developers Contractors whose offices are located in the Town of Warrenton, but have gross receipts of $25,000 or more in Fauquier County in the calendar year are required to obtain a Fauquier County Business License.

2. Peddlers. Peddlers who are peddling outside of the town limits and are peddling in Fauquier County are required to obtain a Fauquier County Business License.


What is business tangible personal property?
All furniture, fixtures, tools and equipment used in a trade or business are considered business tangible personal property; also, machinery and tools used in a manufacturing, mining processing or reprocessing, water well drilling, radio or television broadcasting, dry cleaning or laundry business are to be listed and segregated as a separate class.

Am I required to file a form? If you conduct business as an individual, partnership, or corporation and own or lease business equipment in Fauquier County or the incorporated towns on January 1, you must complete and file a return with the Commissioner of the Revenue. This requirement is true even if your gross receipts are less than $200,000.

How is the assessment on business tangible personal property made? A schedule of equipment owned on January 1 with a list of each item, date of purchase and original cost must be given. A percentage is then taken of the original cost to be used as the assessment.

When is the filing due? The form and associated schedules/property lists are due no later than March 15. If you file late or not at all, by law a 10% penalty will be added to your bill. If you are unable to file by March 15, a request for a 30-day extension can be made in writing to the Commissioner of the Revenue. It must be made prior to March 15.

Where can I obtain more information, forms and assistance in filing? Forms, information and assistance are available at the Fauquier County Court House, Commissioner of the Revenue Office, Warrenton or you may call 540-422-8166 and on the web.

Date Last Modified: 01/20/2016


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