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Commercial Hauler

Fauquier County Corral Farm Facility Procedures for Commercial Haulers

Current Fee Schedule

In order to provide efficient and economical services, the following rules are in place at the Fauquier County Corral Farm Facility.


Current operation hours.

Please ensure that vehicles entering the facility arrive with enough time to cross the scales and dispose of waste prior to closing time. Vehicle arriving without sufficient time to offload may not be allowed access.

This facility will be closed on the following holidays:

New Year's Day

Labor Day

Easter Day

Thanksgiving Day

Memorial Day

Half Day on Christmas Eve

Independence Day

Christmas Day

In cases of severe weather this facility may have delayed openings, early closure or complete closures. There are three ways to find out information about inclement weather status of this facility:

  1. Call (540) 422-8840 for a recorded message. (Please note this is a new number)
  2. Visit our webpage at http://www.fauquiercounty.gov/government/departments/environmental
  3. Sign up for eNotifications through the County webpage at www.fauquiercounty.gov to receive messages via email and/or text messages.
    On the bottom of the County homepage select eNotifications and sign up “Emergency Landfill and Collection Site Closing Notices”.

Small businesses may deliver recyclable material to Fauquier County with the understanding that tipping fees will be waived contingent on adequate recycling markets. As markets change continuously, the recycling fee waiver may change without prior notice. To inquire about the status of the recycling fee waiver, please call the office at (540) 422-8840.
In order for the facility to accept recyclables they must be separated by commodity with no waste included. Recycling privileges may be revoked if loads are contaminated.
Accounts wishing to recycle must have a valid permit. For small quantities (household size quantity under 5 bags) accounts may apply for a Small Business Recycling Special Exception Permit. Click here for a Small Business Recycling Application
For large loads of separated recyclables, accounts must purchase a permit for each vehicle and cross the scales for tracking purposes, delivering loads directly to the Recycling Processing Center.
Please contact the office for more information concerning business recycling.

Establishing an account to utilize this facility accounts requires:

  1. Current Notarized Agreement
  2. Valid Landfill Vehicle Permits
  3. Approved Credit Application (for credit accounts)

It is the responsibility of account holder to notify the Environmental Services office in writing of any changes/updates to the account, such as billing address, vehicle information and contact information.

Payment via cash or check must be paid at the time of each transaction. If payment is not made at the time of the transaction, the County Sheriff will be notified immediately and the matter referred to the County Attorney for collection.
Credit and debit cards are not accepted at the Corral Farm Facility.

Fauquier County may extend credit, at its discretion, to certain customers after a credit application has been completed. Please call the office during business hours for a copy of the credit policy and application.
Accounts that exceed their credit limit will automatically become “Cash Customers” until further notice by the Accounting Manager and Director.
A monthly billing statement will be sent to the account address on file. To keep the account in good standing the current charges are due prior to the last business day of the month. The specific date and time payment is due is printed on the bottom of the statement.
Past due accounts will be sent to the County Attorney for collection and automatically become a “Cash Customer”. If an account is sent to the County Attorney for collection, a 10% penalty will be added to the total account balance.
Credit may be revoked at any time without notice.

As vehicles cross the scales a ticket is created. The ticket that is created is the invoice for that particular load of waste.
The account holder has 90 days from the date of transaction to request the County to review the transaction for corrections. After 90 days, charges are final and shall not be adjusted.

If a vehicle does not weigh out when required, the customer will be charged based on the average weights used when the scale system is inoperable.

All vehicles delivering commercial waste materials to Corral Farm facilities are required to have an assigned permit affixed to the vehicle. The scale attendant must be able to read the permit on both sides of the vehicle as the vehicle crosses the scales to process the transaction.
Permits can be purchased at the Environmental Services Office with the submission of the properly completed forms.
The office only accepts cash or check at the time of the purchase, no credit card or debit cards are accepted at the facility.
It is the account holder’s responsibility to notify the Environmental Services office of any changes to vehicle information or permit status

To register a vehicle, complete a vehicle registration form for each vehicle to be permitted and attach a copy of the DMV vehicle registration. Registration forms will be processed at the office during regular business hours.
Please refer to the current fee schedule. Facility only accepts cash or check.

To replace a permit sticker due to vehicle repair or other such event, a replacement vehicle registration form must be completed noting which permit number is being replaced. Registration forms will be processed at the office during regular business hours.
Please refer to the current fee schedule. Facility only accepts cash or check.   (Fee does not apply if replacement was requested by County Staff)

All vehicle permits are valid from time of purchase to January 15th of the following year. Each fall a Permit Renewal packet will be mailed to each account that has valid permit(s).
Please refer to the current fee schedule.

TARE weights are calculated by empty truck and container averages and are therefore not exact. For an accurate weight, Fauquier County recommends that account holders weigh in and out for each transaction. Any account holder may request to store a TARE weight if the truck meets the assignment criteria. They may also request to remove a stored TARE weight at any time. An account representative must request in writing to have a TARE weight stored or removed from the system. TARE weights may be available to accounts for trucks/containers utilizing the Corral Farm facility a minimum 3 times per week or 5 times per two-week period. A truck must weigh in and out a minimum of 3 times with a maximum ‘empty truck’ variance of 1.5% to have a TARE weight assignment be considered by the Director of Environmental Services.
Random TARE weight inspections will be done throughout the year with each vehicle being recertified every two years. Tare weight recertification is subject to the approval of the Director of Environmental Services. Fauquier County retains the right to remove a stored TARE weight at any time without notice.

Waste inspections to detect unauthorized waste are required by regulation on commercial waste deliveries. Any vehicle disposing of unauthorized/inappropriate waste or misrepresenting what the load contains may receive an alternative disposal rate and the account charged a minimum $10 administrative fee. Drivers are given the option to witness any load inspection.

Disposal fees may change or be updated throughout the year. Please visit our website or call the office during regular business hours for a copy of the current fee schedule.
Cash or Check only, no credit cards or debit cards accepted at facility.


  1. In compliance with State and Federal safety regulations, commercial drivers and passengers must wear safety vests or equivalent clothing while out of their vehicles.
  2. All individuals entering the facility must conduct themselves in a professional manner and follow the oral and written instructions of County staff.
  3. The speed limit on the facility is a maximum of 15 MPH. Drivers must exercise reasonable care while using the landfill, including adjusting their driving behavior and speed in accordance with prevailing driving conditions. Extra caution and lower speeds are required near the scale house, operators, equipment, smaller vehicles, and at all intersections.
  4. All commercial vehicles are subject to waste inspections. Drivers signing the Waste Inspection form are not agreeing to violation, only whether they witnessed the inspection.
  5. All commercial vehicles must pass through the scales prior to disposing of waste, enter and exit the scales slowly and stop smoothly to prevent damage to the scale equipment, and state the ORIGIN and TYPE OF MATERIAL of waste to be disposed. Drivers that do not receive a transaction ticket upon entering the scales must cross the scales prior to leaving the facility.
  6. All disabled vehicles must display approved warning devices. Drivers must remain with the vehicles. Any abandoned vehicle will be towed at the owner’s expense.
  7. Tailgates are not to be unlatched at the scale area. Tailgates are to be opened and closed only at the disposal area unless otherwise instructed.
  8. The tilting of containers prior to disposal is prohibited. Containers are only to be tilted at the unloading area.
  9. All loads must be covered during transport. Covers may only be removed immediately adjacent to the unloading area.
  10. Drivers are responsible for off-loading. At no time shall loads be “tied off” to be unloaded.
  11. Alcoholic beverages and illegal drugs are prohibited at this facility.
  12. Smoking outside a commercial vehicle at the Corral Farm facility is prohibited.
  13. All persons and vehicles enter the facility at their own risk.
  14. Fauquier County assumes no liability for damages to vehicles or injuries to individuals on this facility. Report any accident immediately to Fauquier County staff.
  15. Use of this facility is limited to active commercial accounts with valid permits, Fauquier County residents, and government agencies.
  16. The County reserves the right to immediately suspend disposal privileges for any of the following:
    • Operating vehicles in an unsafe manner.
    • Salvaging and/or removing items.
    • Failing to comply with the rules and regulations of the Corral Farm facility.
    • Providing incorrect information about the origin or type of waste being disposed.
  17. Fauquier County reserves the right to change or modify these rules without written notice.

Date Last Modified: 10/17/2012


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