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For residential quantities of household trash and recycling.

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Special Exception Permit Residential

Special Exception Permit Residential

Residential Special exception permits can be issued for the following circumstances:

  • Out of County residents who also own property in Fauquier County; and residents who use a business vehicle to deliver their household trash.
  • Special Exception Permits can also be obtained for senior citizens or handicapped residents who must rely on hired help for household trash and yard clean-up services.
The Residential Special Exception Permit is to be used only for residential purposes – for a specific vehicle and only those named on the Special Exception Permit will be authorized to use the Landfill and Collection Sites. This means that residents cannot pass the permit to a contractor/hired-help to be considered as residential. A contractor/hired-help is considered commercial business and will not be honored as residential.

To obtain a permit, fill out the Special Exemption Permit form and bring it to the Office. No fee is required.


Date Last Modified: 07/29/2010


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