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Fauquier County Public Library -- Policies -- POLICY GOVERNING PETITIONS, SURVEYS and SOLICITATION

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Policy Governing Petitions, Surveys and Solicitation


As a public institution, the Fauquier County Public Library must remain impartial in matters of local or national debate or controversy.  For this reason library patrons or staff may not be approached for petition signatures while in the library.

The library reserves the right to display petitions approved by the Library Board of Trustees which are directly related to library services or activities.


The Board of Trustees of the Fauquier County Public Library does not permit surveys to be conducted within the library or on library property with the following exceptions:

With the approval of the Library Board, surveys may be conducted by the library itself or by library-related groups such as the Friends of the Library, when information from such surveys will benefit the library and its patrons.

Requests may be made to the Library Board to conduct surveys of informational or educational nature.


The Board of Trustees of the Fauquier County Public Library does not permit non-library affiliated persons, groups or organizations to sell, solicit or collect for goods or services on library property.