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Police Canine

Police Canine

The Fauquier County Sheriff’s Office currently has five Canine Teams, each consisting of a dog and handler. These officers and their partners completed six weeks of diverse and vigorous training prior to being assigned for patrol duty.

Canine Units routinely respond to alarms and to all buildings that are found to be unsecured. Their accuracy in searching buildings for unauthorized persons can be matched only by their efficiency.

They are trained to track missing persons and victims. Suspects attempting to flee are also subject to K-9 apprehension. One suspect in a domestic assault was located hiding under a vehicle. In another incident a suspect, who fled from a stolen vehicle, was found behind a shed.

In addition to these universal training requirements, two of the dogs are specifically skilled in narcotics searches. Used on an almost daily basis conducting vehicle searches, they have detected very small residual amounts of drugs as well as larger quantities. The fifth K-9 is specially trained in the recognition of explosives.

The Fauquier County Canine Units assist other agencies, including the Virginia State Police and the Warrenton Police Department. They have been utilized in many “high profile” incidents, including robberies, shooting, stand-offs and missing suicidal or endangered persons.

Date Last Modified: 08/17/2010


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