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Medicaid - Family and Children's Services

MEDICAID - Family and Children's Services

Click here to apply online at the Virginia Commonhelp website

Who May Be Eligible for Full Medicaid Benefits?

The following people may be eligible for full Medicaid benefits: 

  1. Pregnant women (single or married) whose income is at or below the Federal Poverty Guidelines. Once eligible for Medicaid, pregnant women remain eligible throughout the pregnancy and up to 60 days after the pregnancy ends.
  2. Infants born to Medicaid-eligible women. The infants stay eligible until their first birthday.
  3. Children under age 19.
  4. Children under age 21 who are in foster care or subsidized adoptions.

Medicaid Effective Date

Medicaid eligibility usually starts on the first day of the month of application. Medicaid may be available for the 3 months prior to your application if you are found eligible and have unpaid medical bills.

Income Limits

For more program and income information, click here.

You may need the following verifications for MEDICAID:

  • All incomes: Social Security, SSI, Veterans, Child Support, Self Employment Incomes, and all wages for the month prior to the application month.
  • Health Insurance Card

A face to face interview IS NOT required for Medicaid. This application can be mailed, faxed, e-mailed or dropped off at our office. However, your application CANNOT be processed unless it has been COMPLETED, SIGNED, and DATED. You will then be contacted by mail as to the specific proofs needed, such as those listed above.

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