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Forest Links How To Sell Timber
Consulting Forester List - Virginia Department of Forestry
Timber Buyer List - Virginia Department of Forestry
Fauquier County Harvest Volume and Value 1986-2000 - Virginia Department of Forestry

Introduction to Growing Christmas Trees in Virginia
Species for Christmas Tree Planting

There’s More to a Forest Than Trees
Agroforestry Overview
Woodlot Enterprises
Non-Timber Forest Products: Alternatives for Landowners
National Strategy for Special Forest Products

Medicinal Plants and Herbs

Medicinal Products
Black Cohosh
Lavender as an Alternative Crop
Slippery Elm
St. John’s Wort
ST. John’s Wort as an Alternative Crop
Sweet Gum
Ginseng, Goldenseal, and Other Native Roots
Producing and Marketing Wild Simulated Ginseng
Suppliers of Plugs for Medicinal Crops

Decorative Wood Products

Decorative Wood Products
Vines for wreaths and other products
Decorative Plants of Appalachia - a source of income

Specialty Wood Products

Specialty Wood Products
Oak Baskets
Forest Tree and Shrub Seeds
Gatherers, practices, and livelihood roles of non-timber forest products

Edible Products

Edible Products
Black Walnut
Shiitake Mushroom Production and Marketing


2001 Virginia Ginseng Dealers - Virginia Tech

Direct Marketing
Marketing Specialty Forest Products
Writing a Business Plan Adapted for the Wild Harvest Sector

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