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HomeGrown program

Fauquier Agricultural HomeGrown Program

Click here for a printable application.

The Fauquier Agricultural HomeGrown program has been implemented for consumers to create easy access to fresh local food that tastes better, is more nutritious, and supports the local economy. The HomeGrown program is being promoted in cooperation with the Fauquier County "Buy Local" effort, which is coordinated by the Fauquier County Office of Economic Development.

"…Farmers [have been reduced] to less than 1 percent of the U.S. population… and food now travels on average 1,500 to 2,500 miles from farm to plate in the U.S.," [Ahn, 2004]. Look for the HomeGrown logo to enhance your communities' ability to become self-reliant and sustainable. Supporting Fauquier County agricultural producers will also provide food security.

A report given by the Farmland Information Center states that in the years from 1992-1997, the total amount of Virginia agricultural lands converted to developed uses was 116,300 acres. The rate of decline of productive farmland is increasing - in Virginia, up 51 percent from the rate reported in the previous decade (Farmland Information Center). In Virginia alone, "the rate of prime agricultural land loss has increased 76 percent in the last five years," (Ishee, 2005). The loss of the Fauquier County's agricultural lands is leading to the displacement of valuable family farmers.

By making the choice to buy agricultural products and produce with the Fauquier Agricultural HomeGrown logo you are contributing to local farmers and helping to ensure the prosperity of your own community. "Saving farmland is an investment in community infrastructure and economic development. It supports local government budgets and the ability to create wealth locally. In addition, distinctive agriculture landscapes are often magnets for tourism" (American Farmland Trust, 2003).

So support your local Fauquier County farmers! Buy produce and goods marked with the Fauquier Agricultural HomeGrown logo. Look for the logo at several convenient Fauquier County locations including Marshall IGA Foodrite, Archwood Green Barn Farmers Market, Remington Farmers Market, and Warrenton Farmers Market. See our website for Farmers Market hours of operation.

If you are interested in registering your Fauquier County farm as a HomeGrown participant please contact the Fauquier County Agricultural Development Office.


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Just Food Organization

Farmland Information Center

The following retailers are supporting local producers by selling
Fauquier County Home Grown products:
The Farmer's Wife 204 E. Main St, Remington, VA, 540-439-4700, contact: Dawn Falb
Marshall IGA W. Main St, Marshall, VA, 540-364-9588, contact: Holder Trumbo
Fauquier's Finest Country Butcher Shop 11746 Ag Industrial Drive, Bealeton, VA, 540-439-7227, contact: Andy Wilfong

The following producers have indicated they will be using the
Fauquier County Home Grown Logo.
Support Fauquier County agriculture by buying from local producers.

Angelic Beef

Autumn Hill Farm

Avalon Farm, LLC

Berry Simple Farm

Brenton Farm

Brookfield Farm

Cedar Run Alpacas

Chateau O'Brien at Northpoint

Cow Pie Compost

Cows-N-Corn & Al Mara Farm

Crestone Farms

Crooked Run Farm

Delaplane Cellars

Double JJ Alpacas, LLC

Dream Keeper Farm

El Shaddai Farm

Evans-Wells Farm at Halfway

Fauquier's Finest Country Butcher Shop

Glen Bolton Farm

Greenfield Farms Alpacas

Hacienda Radiante, LLC

Heartline Alpaca Farm & Fiber Arts Studio

Heritage Rivers

Hollin Farms

Hound Hall Stable

Hume Vineyards

Inglewood Farm

Joyful Harvest

LA Farms at Airy Bank

La Paz Farm

Locust Hill Farm

Lynrose Angus

Marshfield Farms

Mary's Alpaca @ Cedar Hill

Mediterranean Cellars

Messick's Farm Market

Midtrees Farm

Mill Point Farm

Monomoy Farm

MoonShine Mountain Farm

Mt. Airy Farm

O.B. Messick & Sons Inc.

Oak Spring Dairy

Over The Grass Farm

Paris Barns at Liberty Farm

Patience Farm

Pay It Forward Ranch

Philip Carter Winery

Quailwood Farm

Quarter-Mor Farm

Red Brook Farm

Remington Pepper Company

Rock Run Creek Farm

Seven Oaks Lavender Farm

Sharkawi Farm

Sherwood Farm

Shooting Starr Alpacas, LLC

Soldiers' Hill Angus Farm

Sweet Pea Farm

The GOOD Hill Farm

Twin Oaks Farm


Weese Paso Fino Farm

Willow Oaks Berry Farm

Winters Retreat Farm

Wolf Crag Farm

Date Last Modified: 10/05/2006


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