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Non-Timber Forest Product Factsheets

Non-Timber Forest Product Factsheets

Most of the factsheets in this section contain information on one or more specific non-timber forest products. The factsheets cover history, uses, growing, collecting, and marketing of the products. In some cases, more than one factsheet on a particular product is included if good information was available from more than one source.

A majority of the factsheets in this section are available from the Non-Timber Forest Products website at , or from the ATTRA website at . These sites should be checked often, as new factsheets are frequently added.

The last page of the section is the 2001 list of Ginseng Buyers. Most of these buyers also purchase other medicinal herbs. This list changes yearly as individuals go in and out of the business, so it always advisable to contact several prospective buyers before collecting or producing a product.

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