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Building and Zoning Permits

Building and Zoning Permits

A Building Permit is required for most new construction or alterations to buildings, as well as for most electrical, plumbing or mechanical work.  The permit process is intended to assure that construction occurs in conformance with code requirements, protecting the health, safety and welfare of the property owner and the broader community.  All jurisdictions in Virginia utilize the same regulations, the Virginia Uniform Statewide Building Code.  Detailed information about getting a Building Permit in the County is available in these two brochures:

Getting a Residential Permit
Getting a Commercial /Industrial Permit

A Zoning Permit is required before a property can be utilized for any activity other than agriculture, horticulture or forestry.  This exception does not include buildings; agricultural structures do require a Zoning Permit. In addition, a zoning permit is required before any excavation or grading of a parcel occurs. The zoning permit is reviewed to assure compliance with all zoning ordinance requirements (i.e., height, setbacks, use).

Combined Building and Zoning Permit Application
Because most projects require both a Zoning Permit and Building Permit, the application form for both permits has been combined in order to simplify the process for applicants.

Exceptions to Zoning/Building Permit Requirements

  • No Building Permit is required for agricultural structures.  In lieu of Building Permit, submit Farm Structure Affidavit.

  • No Zoning or Building permit is required for certain structures less than 200 square feet in size.  See Accessory Structures hand-out for more information.

An Administrative Permit is also required by the Zoning Ordinance for certain uses which have special standards or requirements for review.  This Administrative Permit can be approved as part of the Zoning Permit if required supplemental information is provided for the particular use and if the additional fee for an Administrative Permit is paid with the Zoning Permit.

A Sign Permit is required before most signs can be placed on a property.  Detailed sign regulations are found in Article 8 of the Zoning Ordinance.  Application. Temporary signs only need to be registered, please click here to register the temporary sign.

A Home Occupation Permit allows a resident to occupy a business from their home.  See the Minor Home Occupations brochure or the Major Home Occupations brochure for more details on what type of Home Occupations are allowed in the County. Application.

Application Forms & Checklists

Zoning/Building Permit Application
Accessibility Compliance Form
Accessory Dwelling Unit
Administrative Sales Office Application
Administrative Temporary Mobile Home while SFD Built
Asbestos Certification Form
Commercial Building Worksheet
Contractor Business License Exemption Form
Contractor Identification Form
Demolition Permit Application
Farm Structure Affidavit
Guest House Affidavit
Home Occupation Permit Application
Land Disturbing Permit –Single Family Dwelling
Mechanic's Lien Agent Form
Residential Worksheet
Sign Permit
Sign Permit/Temporary
Soils Policy/Form
Special Inspections Reporting Forms
Swimming Pool Barrier Affidavit
Tenant House Affidavit
Trades/Amendment Permit Application
VDOT Entrance Permit Checklist
3rd Party Inspections Responsible Party Form
3rd Party Inspections Approved Agency Form
3rd Party Inspections Employee Data Form
3rd Party Inspections Reporting Forms


Fee Schedule
Inclement Weather or Unforeseen Closure Policy
Getting a Residential Permit
Getting a Commercial/Industrial Permit
Accessory Structures Exempt From Permits
Basement Details
Deck Details
Major Home Occupations Brochure
Minor Home Occupations Brochure
Required Inspections
Required Inspections for Pools
Special Inspections Policy
3rd Party Inspections Policy

Questions about  Permits?
Call Building Staff at 540-422-8230

Date Last Modified: 12/11/2015


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