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Comprehensive Planning in Fauquier County helps sustain and enhance the quality of life of the County’s citizens. The Comprehensive Plan is the foundation from which all other policies and ordinances stem. Natural and historic resources, housing, land use, agriculture, economic development, public facilities, transportation, community design guidelines and more are discussed in the Plan. The Commonwealth of Virginia requires us to maintain an updated Plan, for public health welfare and safety. Therefore, staff is frequently engaged with citizen advisory committees to revise sections of the Plan. In addition, Comprehensive Plan Amendments can be submitted twice a year by land developers or citizens for review and action by the Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors.

Our Adopted Comprehensive Plan is available online for downloading. Contact the Planning Office with inquiries.

Comprehensive Plan Image

Citizen Committees & Outreach occur regularly and as directed by the Board of Supervisors. Service District advisory groups and committees meet to discuss updates to community plans and develop a draft for recommendation to the Planning Commission. These committees usually last a year or more until a draft is adopted. The County’s Transportation Committee also discusses road plans that can be used in updates to the Plan and VDOT’s 6-Year Plan. Other, special committees are formed to provide a level of detail to a particular topic, such as public facilities or bicycle and pedestrian planning. Advisory groups are an important part of the planning process and citizens are encouraged to participate. Recent groups include the Catlett-Calverton-Midland Service District Committee, the Battlefield Support group, Marshall Service District Committee, and New Baltimore Service District Committee.

Recent Committees include Catlett-Calverton-Midland Service District Committee and The Battlefield Support Committee (a sub-committee of the Architectural Review Board). On-going committees that make recommendations for revising the Plan include the Marshall Service District Committee, New Baltimore Service District Committee, Public Facilities Committee and Transportation Committee.

Proposed Comprehensive Plan Amendments must be posted online as required by the Virginia Code. This page is dedicated to the posting of Amendments drafted by applicants as well as the County. All proposed changes to the Plan, including text, figures, tables, illustrations, and maps will be posted here and updated if the amendment is modified. Supplemental information necessary for the review of these amendments and companion applications will be posted when possible. Many County-sponsored Comprehensive Plan updates involve community meetings and drafts. In these cases, visit the citizen advisory group web page to follow along with on-going meetings and materials. Drafts provided to the Planning Commission will be posted on this page.

The complete file for all applications, including archived versions of the proposal and staff reports are available for viewing in the Planning Office. Should the proposed amendment be withdrawn, or denied by the Board of Supervisors, the application will be removed from this webpage. Should the application be approved, staff will incorporate all changes into the adopted Comprehensive Plan.

Applicant-Proposed Amendments

COMA-15-003449 – Chapter 6 – Remington Service District Plan – An application to amend the future land use designation of 1.2 acres from Medium Density Residential to Park/Open Space, 12231 River Road, Lee District.

County-Proposed Amendments

Update of Chapter 2, The Plan for Natural & Cultural Resources

Update to Chapter 9-Addendum of the Fauquier County Comprehensive Plan, The Plan for Commercial Wireless Facilities
The Board of Supervisors approved the Comprehensive Plan Amendment to Chapter 9 Addendum: Commercial Wireless Telecommunications Facilities on October 9, 2014, with the stipulation that the implementation of the amendment be postponed until such time that an update and amendment to Article 11 (Telecommunications Ordinance) is approved by the Fauquier County Board of Supervisors - 10-09-14 Resolution

Update to the Comprehensive Plan Chapter 6 – Service Districts --Catlett, Calverton, Midland Village Service District Plan CPAM08-CR-005

Date Last Modified: 11/17/2015


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