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Business Tax


Business License Tax is a tax in lieu of a Merchants' Capital Tax. Most individual, partnership or corporation engaged in any business within the county is required to pay a business, occupational and professional license tax. Licenses are purchased in advance of the business year based on gross receipts or sales of the preceding year. A new business must declare an estimate from the opening date through the remainder of the license year. The license year runs from July 1 through June 30 of each year. Estimates of new businesses are subject to audit after a full calendar year of business has been conducted. Uniform classification of revenue for rate application purposes is another area which must be constantly monitored by the division. The ever changing business environment necessitates accurate and timely interpretation and application of the state and county tax guidelines.

The Commissioner's Office is responsible for discovery procedures to ensure that businesses are licensed. The Commissioner has the authority to issue a summons and to prepare and present court cases for compliance violations.

The Office must ensure that all local requirements are met before a business license can be issued. It is the responsibility of the Commissioner of the Revenue's Office to see that all businesses that are liable are assessed a license tax. It is also the responsibility of the Commissioner of the Revenue's Office to see that delinquent accounts are paid and that regular audits are conducted. The Business License Division must routinely interface with the Treasurer's office while working with delinquents.

Business Personal Property

Every individual operating a business in the locality and who owns or leases equipment within the county must file a tangible personal property return. Forms are provided by the Commissioner of the Revenue. The required filing includes the listing of equipment or property owned, date of purchase and the purchase price.

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