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911 Customer Service Form

Customer Service Evaluation

The Communications Division 9-1-1 Center is always concerned about the quality of service we provide to you, our customers, the taxpayers and visitors to Warrenton and Fauquier County. Please take the time to complete our questionnaire.

(* indicates a required field):

* Date of Incident:    * Time of Call:

* The location of the incident you reported:

* Nature of your call:

How long did the telephone ring before it was answered?

Did you dial 9-1-1, or a non-emergency number?   9-1-1   Non-emergency number

What type of phone did you call from?   Wireline (normal phone)   Cell Phone    Satellite Phone

How friendly was the dispatcher that assisted you?
Very friendly   Fairly friendly    Friendly   Unfriendly   Rude

How concerned did you feel the dispatcher was toward helping you?
Very concerned   Moderately concerned    Unconcerned/uncaring  

How helpful was the dispatcher in getting you the assistance you needed?
Very helpful   Moderately helpful    Helpful   Not helpful  

Overall, how was your experience with our Center?    Pleasant   Unpleasant   

Please describe in your own words how the dispatcher treated you over the telephone or any other suggestions you may have for us to improve our services:

If you desire contact from our Management Team please indicate here: Yes   No

Your Name (Please include if you would like our Management Team to contact you.):

Your Phone number (Please include if you would like our Management Team to contact you.):

Thank you for responding to this survey.

Please print this page before you click the SUBMIT button.
If the image text that you typed above is incorrect, the data that you have already typed in might need to be retyped.


Date Last Modified: 07/01/2014


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