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911 Street Sign Repair and Maintenance Form

Repair and Maintenance of 911 Street Signs Request Form

911 Street signs are the street signs that have the road name spelled out on the sign. Any other signs belong to VDOT. Street Sign Orders are submitted to the vendor, during the first week of the month. The repair and/or maintenance should be completed in approximately 60 working days. Please enter your information below and click the submit button.

(* indicates a required field):

* Name of Person Filling Out Form:

* Contact Phone Number (In case further information is needed):  

* Please enter your email address:

Is the sign damaged?   YES:  NO

Is the pole damaged?    YES  NO

Is the pole still standing?    YES  NO

Is the pole round or square?    Round  Square

Is the sign a double blade or a single blade sign?    Double  Single

Does the sign belong to a private road?    Yes  No

Name of the sign needing repair/maintenance:

What is the name of the road that the above street sign intersects with?

Please add any other information that you think would be helpful:

Thank you very much for providing this information. If problems occur when filling out this form, please call 540-347-6843 to report this information.


Date Last Modified: 12/18/2014


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