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Board of Assessors



The following will be on the agenda for the Board of Assessors’ meeting to be held on Thursday, December 4, 2008, beginning at 9:00 a.m. in the Reassessment Office conference room, 98 Alexandria Pike, Suite 35, Warrenton, Virginia:

1. Reviewed of 11/06/08 Site Visit Meeting Minutes

2. SWampler to present final schedule of key and non-key deliverables and expected mapsheet progression.

3. SWampler of Wampler and Eanes (W&E) to present monthly status report to the BOA.
- # of parcels worked in the field during the reporting timeframe
- # of parcels keyed during the reporting timeframe
- # of parcels under management review during the reporting timeframe
- Total number of parcels completed since inception (i.e., field work and keyed)
- % of the total number of parcels completed compared to total # in County
- Status of any upcoming key or non-key deliverables
- Total number of sales during timeframe by district

4. W&E with feedback on Preliminary Sales Study for the information to be included on the final Sales Study. Gunther Morse to provide feedback on his review of the documentation. Lurty Houff to provide a sample of what he would like to see on the final sales study. This sample uses same PINs which used in the sales study in the New Baltimore and East Fauquier “study”, less any PINs which had become inactive since that time.)

5. BOA to discuss the responsibilities of the BOA and each BOA member.

6. Administrative
- Set due date for monthly BOA agenda
- Set monthly BOA schedule for upcoming months

7. Other Business

8. Citizen comments

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