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Board of Assessors



Office of Reassessment
98 Alexandria Pike, Suite 35
Warrenton, Virginia 20186
9:00 AM

The following will be on the agenda for the Board of Assessors’ meeting to b e held on Thursday, February 5, 2009, beginning at 9:00 am in the Reassessment Office conference room , 98 Alexandria Pike Suit 35, Warrenton, Virginia:

1. Board of Assessors (BOA) members to discuss W&E draft “Reassessment Manual” and establish process for preparing final BOA comments to be submitted to the contractor:
a. Assign responsibility for consolidating BOA comments;
b. Establish deadline for BOA members to forward comments to responsible person;
c. Establish deadline for forwarding final BOA comments to contractor.

2. Discussion of how each BOA member intends to review properties in his area and how they will track their reviews by marking up the Contractor’s master mapsheet.

3. W&E project manager, Mike Colavecchio, to provide monthly status report to the BOA to include:
- # of parcels worked in the field during the reporting timeframe
- # of parcels keyed during the reporting timeframe
- # of parcels under management review during the reporting timeframe
- Total number of parcels completed since inception (i.e., field work and keyed)
- % of the total number of parcels completed compared to total # in County
- Status of any upcoming key or non-key deliverables
- Total number of sales during timeframe by district

4. Identify items/subjects for next BOA meeting.

5. Other Business

6. Citizen comments.

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