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Board of Assessors



Office of Reassessment
98 Alexandria Pike, Suite 35
Warrenton, Virginia 20186
9:00 AM

1. Each member of the BOA will submit their comments on the Real Estate Reassessment Manual prepared by Wampler & Eanes (W&E).

2. BOA will review the results of the research by the Administrative Assistant on the requirements regarding requesting income/expense information on commercial properties.

3. Discussion of the color coding to be used in recording the BOA review of maps.

4. W/E project manager, Mike Colavecchio, to provide monthly status report to the BOA to include:
- number of parcels worked in the field during the reporting timeframe
- # of parcels keyed during the reporting timeframe
- # of parcels under management review during the reporting timeframe
- Total number of parcels completed since inception (i.e., field work and keyed)
- % of the total number of parcels completed compared to total # in County
- % of parcels reviewed by W&E management
- Status of any upcoming key or non-key deliverables
- Total number of sales during timeframe by district

5. Identify items/subjects for next BOA meeting.

6. Other Business

7. Citizen comments.

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