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Board of Assessors



Office of Reassessment
98 Alexandria Pike Suite 35
Thursday August 6, 2009, 9:00 am

1. Board of Assessors to review and approve July 2, 2009 minutes.

2. Continue On-going discussions of Preliminary draft of the Manual of Reassessment of Real Estate – Fauquier County 2010.

3. Wampler & Eanes Project Supervisor to provide status report Memorandum #10

4. Final BOA approval of 2010 REAL ESTATE REASSESSMENT Notice.

5. BOA to review proposed process of public hearings, including such items as proposed timing of hearings, how and where held, process for handling/controlling requests for appeals, public/press notification of hearings, etc.

6. Identify items/subject for September 2009 meeting.

7. Other Business

8. Citizen comments.

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