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Board of Assessors



98 Alexandria Pike Suite 35
Thursday, October 8, 2009 at 9:00 am

1. Board of Assessors to review and approve September 3, 2009 minutes.

2. Continue On-going discussions of Preliminary draft of the Manual of Reassessment of Real Estate – Fauquier County 2010.

3. Wampler & Eanes Project Supervisor to provide status report Memorandum #12.

4. Review updates of values.

5. W&E Project Supervisor will provide specific information as to how hearings will be handled and how to handle various problems which may come up.

6. W& E Project Supervisor will provide information on how support staff will handle public requests for appeals and scheduling appointments.

7. W&E Project Supervisor will provide information on sales ratio reports, coefficient of dispersion, and how maps will show/handle neighborhood values.

8. Final review of Timeline of Actions schedule.

9. Identify items/subjects for November 2009 meeting.

10. Other Business.

11. Citizen comments.

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