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Vint Hill EDA/County Liaison Committee



1:30 pm
Vint Hill EDA Conference Room
4263 Aiken Drive, Warrenton, Virginia

I. Adoption of Agenda

II. Approval of Minutes of September 16, 2009

III. Management Update - Ike Broaddus
Infrastructure Investment

IV. Strategy Update (Revision) - Birge Watkins
Financial Capacity
Investment/Development Priorities
Development Plan

V. Marketing, Sales , Leasing - Birge Watkins
Niche Marketing
Local Services
National Outreach
Beautification Plan
Northrop Grumman

VI. Finance - Birge Watkins
Federal Grants

VII. Infrastructure Update - Ike Broaddus
Brookside/Vint Hill Parkway
Route 29

VIII. Village Phase 1A - Birge Watkins
Plaza Area
Three-Story Barn
Cold War Museum

IX. Building 2400 - Ike Broaddus
GMU Incubator
National Center/Sustainability
Cold War Annex
FAA Training

X. Parks/Recreation/Culture - Birge Watkins
Stream Valley Park
Perimeter Trail
Lake Brittle
Equestrian Trail
Clinic Building

XI. Stimulus Application - Ike Broaddus

XII. Roundtable - All

XIII. Possible Joint meeting with Board of Supervisors

XIV. Schedule Next Meeting

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