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Vint Hill EDA/County Liaison Committee



1. Personnel changes
a. RIF Procurement / Project Coordinator
b. Further efficiencies anticipated with retirement of Finance Manager at end of year.
c. Karin Laws picking up those activities

2. Budget Process –
a. Revenue Expectations
b. Expense Reductions
c. Input welcome

3. Recent activities
a. SBDC results
b. BTOP stimulus grant proposal submitted for 2/3 of $650k fiber-optic cable project
c. Wash Bus Journal Articles
d. PopPop’s Deli – to open next week
e. Well & water line ($620K) has begun.
f. Bike race (2nd annual)

4. Cold War Museum –
a. Discovered Problems in building – extra $75K
b. Need Kevin Burke’s “Performance Agreement”
c. Expecting Architect’s Plans by May 15

5. Short term strategy
a. Reduce operating expenses
b. Create Inventory
c. Make deals
d. Cleanup the ugly stuff
e. Finish outstanding projects
f. Improve transportation throughput

6. Capital Improvements Plan – Short / Medium /Long range

7. Park & Ride Lot – VRE Connector

8. Upcoming Events
a. May 4 – Congressman Whitman – 3PM reception at the Inn
b. May 5 – Sponsoring Chamber of Commerce Luncheon at the Inn

9. Targeted business incentives
a. Local technology zone – surrounding counties
b. Lost data center prospect – trying to find out why
c. What are the right companies to target?
d. How about the LEED Certified Building assistance?
e. What are the right incentives to offer them?

10. Proffer Issues & Outstanding Permits – help with cleanup?

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