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Architectural Review Board



Civil War Battlefield Symposium AGENDA - October 15, 2008 at 5:00 PM
2nd Floor- Conference Room Warren Green Building, 10 Hotel Street

This meeting will focus on finalizing the Symposium’s Agenda for the two day event on the March 28th and 29th in 2009. The following concerns will be addressed.
• Address the overall policy of not supporting reenactment with any type of weapons (swords, knives and/or guns) on school grounds. The Committee’s Policy for the Symposium would be that any armed reenactment would be done separate and off of School grounds and not directly part of the Symposium Agenda or timeframes.
• Should there be a Master of Ceremony controlling the event and what is their role during the two day event?
• What speakers’ will be used and when?
• Should we have specific battlefield (local) presenters in addition to the main speakers?
• What would be a suitable length of time for each speaker topics?
• What topics (Battlefield specific versa Campaigns) and at what time slot during the two day event?
• Since the Fauquier High School has Theater type environment and hall area along with rooms next door should we (and can we) utilize them as display areas for the following;
o The methodology of recovering artifacts for future studies?
o How does archeologist manage their activities?
o Offer a Library on Civil War books and possible signing by authors?
• What type or kind of “Living History Demonstration” would be appropriate?
• What type or kind of Interpretative displays. Interpretative is envisioned to be actors portraying parts similar to a Williamsburg activity.
• Since we can have the school from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM should we adjust the hours to have a social gathering?
• Can we separately handle the donations or is there a potential for a conflict of interest with County funds?
• Other items of interest.

PROPOSED Structured of the Civil War Battlefield Symposium
Two day event at Fauquier County High School Auditorium (As of 1 October 2008)

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