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Architectural Review Board



BIVOUACS & BATTLEFIELDS Civil War Battlefield Symposium
5:00 PM
2nd Floor- Conference Room Warren Green Building, 10 Hotel Street

This meeting will focus on the following Symposium’s activities.

• Statue on the Property Owners invitation and communications.

• Report from John LaMonica on the following:

o Discuss approval of the breakfast & lunch by the school and how to integrate with Hog Wild activities.

o Update on Hog Wild and are they interested supplying lunches to the speakers (estimated 10 guests.)

• Any more changes to the Speakers list and an update on acquiring the Bio’s on each speaker for Dave Goetz?

• Review the proposed PROGRAM and make changes plus gain approval for a final version. The Program will have the following main parts; A lead of Bio Facts, Thank You, and acknowledgement of sponsors.

• Review of how we will get the Savings Bonds that was advertised in the school.

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