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Architectural Review Board



Fauquier County Architectural Review Board and the
Civil War Symposium Planning Committee (hence forth called the BIVOUACS & BATTLEFIELDS Symposium)

Combined Meeting
At the Second Floor Meeting Room
Warren Green Building
10 Hotel Street
4:00 P.M.

1. Call to Order
2. Introductions
3. Agenda items for the ARB meeting:

• Review of February 4th minutes and acceptance.
• Propose that we not have a meeting on the April 1, since we will be meeting all of March preparing for the 28th activities.
• Has a Center District Representative been nominated?
• ARB County Web Page for the Agendas and Minutes has been updated THANKS to Kimberly Abe for her follow-up.

4. Agenda Items for the BIVOUACS & BATTLEFIELDS Symposium meeting:

• Remember those that are having Lunch to bring $10.00 to the Meeting to defray the cost of your meal.
• Status of the Property Owners invitation and Paper communications.
• Any further discussions on the Food Vendors and coordination with Hilda Trossel on the School’s services?
• Any updates to the Speakers list and actively acquiring the Bio’s on each speaker for Dave Goetz?
• Update on the final publishing of the Programs. This was an excellent job that included many people and we THANK each one for their dedication to producing an excellent final Program.
• Any updates on Informational Displays assignments?
• Review options on Budget shortfall?
• Update on flyer distribution.
• Propose that we schedule meetings on the 10, 17, and 24 at 5:00 PM for a quick one hour review of any details on the BIVOUACS & BATTLEFIELDS Symposium.
• Remember we schedule a WALK-THRU on the 27 March at the High School. I believe it was scheduled for 6:00 PM?

5. Any Announcements
6. Adjournment

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