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Architectural Review Board



Fauquier County Architectural Review Board
Second Floor Meeting Room of the Warren Green Building 10 Hotel Street
at 4:00 P.M

1. Call to Order
2. Introductions
3. Planned Agenda Items
a) Review of March 4th minutes and acceptance. The following is a synopsis of what was covered at that meeting.
o ARB unanimously approved not having a meeting on the April 1.
o Status of the Center District Representative. There was a proposal to send and email to the Center District Supervisor proposing a Mr. Richard Robinson be considered since he has supported the ARB activities in the past.
o The ARB County Web Page has been updated.
o The ARB welcomed the Planning Commission representative Mr. Ken Alm from Lee District as are newest ARB member.
o Completed planning of the BIVOUACS & BATTLEFIELDS Symposium.

b) Discuss the LESSONS we have LEARNED on managing the BIVOUACS & BATTLEFIELDS Symposium. Covering the positive and negative activities and what would we have done different? Here are some items to consider?
o Property Owners invitation and overall communications?
o Food Vendors value added?
o High School planning and pre walk-through?
o Civil War music and musicians?
o Speakers list and overall presentations?
o Informational Displays value added?
o Budgetary concerns?
o Informational distribution to the public?
o Attendance (see Page 3 for details) and responses you received from the people that attended the Symposium.

c) Status of the Symposium’s budget and what has been paid? What is the ARB’s plan for any extra monies left over from the Symposium?

d) Discuss future plans for follow-on activities to the BIVOUACS & BATTLEFIELDS Symposium. Report on the results of the Piedmont Environmental Council (PEC) Battlefield Easement workshop on April 30th. Is another meeting required as follow-on to the PEC or is this sufficient to answer any landowner’s questions?

e) Discuss future plans for the ARB?

o Should the ARB stay in an advisory position or should we take on a more aggressive role by being involved in countywide community initiatives?
o Should we be a central coordinator and/or central repository for all countywide historical activities?
o On page four, I have placed our Mission Statement from the Web site, please review before the meeting. The following are key points I have extracted from the Mission Statement that I feel we should address in our future activities?
o Recommend additional areas of study for possible historic and cultural districts;
o Historic and Cultural District Guidelines;
o Certifications of Appropriateness;
o Land use rezoning applications, within county designated historic districts;
o Comments/recommendations to county on projects outside of historic districts;
o Historic Preservation Commission on public education projects.
promoting the general welfare, education and recreational pleasure of the public;
o Encourage uses which will lead to their continuance, conservation, and improvement in an appropriate manner;
o Assure that new structures and uses within the district will be in keeping with the character to be preserved and enhanced.

f.) Short-term/Immediate next three months: Kimberly Abe is working on a study for the County’s consideration for a Corridor Enhancement Overlay District on Route 29 between Prince William and Warrenton that would involve design review of new construction along the roadway as well as access management issues. She is seeking technical assistance from ARB members interested in helping with the visual presentations over the next 4-8 weeks.

4. Any Announcements

5. Adjournment

Bivouacs and Battlefields Attendance Statistics.

187 People that signed the Guest Book
14 High school kids that helped
14 ARB members and volunteers
3 Supervisor - Peter B. Schwartz, Holder Trumbo and Terry Nyhouse.
12 Speakers and their guest
42 Informational Display people
8 Telegraph and Tents people
4 Musicians
3 Teachers from Fauquier County
53 Guest - people who did not sign the guest list since they were with someone who did (estimate based on visually seeing it happen).
340 Total estimate of attendance, note this is considered low based on attendance at the Informational Displays areas.

There were 75 school projects from all Fauquier County schools (public and private).

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