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Architectural Review Board



AGENDA for the June 3 2009 Meeting
Fauquier County Architectural Review Board (ARB)
Second Floor Meeting Room of the Warren Green Building 10 Hotel Street at 4:00 P.M

At the May ARB meeting, the Agenda was modified based on the detailed discussions for the future direction of the ARB, The Agenda will NOW reflect a new direction for the ARB by having a COUNTY WIDE view of historical activities. All future activities addressed will be for the purpose of informing and/or educating the Fauquier County residents on historical activities. The ARB will function as a conduit for all historical activities within Fauquier County and track historical events through a Calendar of Events.

1. Call to Order

2. Introductions

3. Review and approval of prior meetings minutes.

4. Planned Agenda Items

a) Historic Districts Fellowship Project Update - Fauquier County has documented almost 17 villages for the National Register (NR). The goal of this historic preservation project is to develop prototype online materials from the NR forms for Fauquier County’s Historic Villages. It is essential that the fellowship project outlines the process (how to) with the development of at least one Village.

b) Historic and Cultural Studies Update - Corridor Enhancement Overlay District on Route 29 between Prince William and Warrenton.

c) Educational Opportunities – Development of a Web site for the purpose of having an ARB controlled information center for the Fauquier County residents. This site would be used to inform and educate the County residents on historical activities. This would become a central voice for all County historical activities. This could be accomplished by enhancing the County’s Web page or forming a partnership with either the Department of Economic Development and/or the Piedmont Environmental Council.

d) Update on Historic and Cultural District - Springs Valley National Register Nomination will be presented by Kimberly Abe to the Virginia Department of Historic Resources. The application was completed by Cheryl Shepperd of the Virginia Department of Historic Resources.

e) Land Easements Update - The Virginia Outdoors Foundation (VOF) was established in 1966 by the General Assembly to conserve and protect Virginia's scenic, scientific, natural, historic, recreational, and open-space areas for the public's benefit. In 1997 Virginia General Assembly created a new fund, the Open Space Lands Preservation Trust Fund (Va. Code Sections 10.1801-2), to assist landowners with the costs of conveying open-space easements and the purchase of all or part of the value of the easements. VOF is qualified to process these easements and Bob Lee who is head of the VOF noted there are funds available to assist landowners with the costs of processing an easement depending on a person’s income.

f) Remington Depot Update. Status of the Grant and possible movement to a new site?

g) Status of the Center District Representative. There was a proposal to send and email to the Center District Supervisor proposing candidates.

5. Fauquier County Historical Calendar of Events. Propose that we discuss and list items on the calendar at each meeting and then send it out as a separate elert. Any future calendar items could be discussed at the meeting and the calendar routinely updated. Looking for ideas on how the Calendar should be presented (format, style etc.) on elert. The following is some initial proposed items for discussion.

a) June 7th - Springs Valley National Register Nomination application submitted to the Virginia Department of Historic Resources.
b) July 15, 16 & 17 - The Journey Through Hallowed Ground Partnership, Annual Meeting, in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.
c) Nov 9 - Mapmaking Workshop in conjunction with the 250th Anniversary events. For details contact Sheryl Grigg, at (540)364-3886.

6. Announcements

7. Adjournment

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