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Architectural Review Board



Second Floor Meeting Room of the Warren Green Building 10 Hotel Street at 4:00 P.M

1. Call to Order (check to make sure Front Door is unlocked)

2. Introductions

3. Review and approval of prior meetings minutes.

4. Planned Agenda Items

a) During our discussions with the Economic Development staff (October meeting), questions came up about the ARB. From these questions the members in attendance requested that the November meeting be a planning meeting and we should discuss as a minimum the following.
• Why does the County ARB exist and for what purpose?
• Is our mission as written still applicable?
• How would the ARB coordinate between preservation and tourisms?
• What is the County Supervisors expectation of the ARB?
• How do we differ from other Fauquier County groups?
• Should we change our name as one supervisor suggested to Historic Resources Board?

• What are the ARB future plans, for the next six months, one year, or for the next five years? Kimberly Abe has the following projects she wants the ARB to consider.
* Ken Alm has been working on a document that is full of photographs and drawings that capture the buildings and landscapes characterizing Fauquier County. In the planning field they call this a “pattern book.” We would use it as a public education tool that would educate citizens about some of architectural styles found in the county and we would also use it to guide new development projects so that they enhance the existing built environment with fresh new innovative designs that draw inspiration from the past. There are no hard fast rules for creating them and we can talk about how to organize one for Fauquier County.
* Profiling the County's Native American Indian history.
* The development of a Fauquier Style book. Ken Alm is working with Kimberly and will send out an update to the committee.
* On-going lectures about architectural history and farm history that would be arranged each month by an ARB member.

b) Status on the Park and Recreation Map Program for November 9th. Kimberly Abe has the following plans for the Mapmaking Workshop.
* Reconstructing Early Land Tract Lines on Fauquier County’s Modern Landscape.
* Kimberly Abe of Fauquier County Community Development will demonstrate how researchers use current and historic maps to reconstruct the history of a property.
* She’ll present various historic maps of Fauquier County and discuss a communitywide project to develop a publicly accessible digital database of Fauquier County’s historic tract maps.
* Location: Marshall Community Center Day: Monday Nov 9, Times: 6-8pm.

c). Status of the Interpretative Plan for Rappahannock Station and Rappahannock II Civil War Battlefields.

d) The final budget from the Battlefield Symposium identified a surplus of $157.74. The committee should discuss our options for spending the excess monies.

e) Announcements

f) Adjournment

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