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Architectural Review Board



2nd Floor
Warren Green Building
40 Culpeper Street
4:00 p.m.


Refreshments will be provided.

1.) Call to Order

2.) Introductions

Special Guests: Tanya Gossett and Kristen Stevens, National Park Service

3.) Minutes

4.) Staff Report Items

ARB and Battlefield Protection Plans-

Special Guests: Tanya Gossett and Kristen Stevens, National Park Service.

Ms. Gossett and Ms. Stevens, members of the ARB, and local citizen organizations will discuss the Draft Battlefield Protection Comprehensive Plan Amendment (in follow-up to the May 10, 2006 presentation from the National Park Service, and further discussion at the July 12, 2006 ARB meeting.)

5.) Old Business

Historic Plaques/Village and Settlement Signs
Historic Resources Committee Preservation Plan (2001)
ARB Name Change (Historic Resources Board, Historic(al) & Architectural Resources Board)
ARB Mission Statement Review and Website Update
Warrenton-Fauquier Heritage Day (Saturday, September 30, 2006)

6.) New Business

7.) Announcements

ARB Calendar Review
ARB Training Opportunities
Proclamation for Mr. Richard Robison, AIA postponed until September 6, 2006

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