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Community Policy and Management Team



CSA Retreat
Fourth Floor Conference Room, 320 Hospital Drive, 9:00 a.m.-noon

9:00-9:05 Coffee

9:05-9:15 Introduction/Logistics/Plan for the Day , Tony Hooper

A. Purpose of Annual Retreat

B. Logistics

C. Plan for the Day
1. Process:
a. Review where we are
b. Identify what we need
c. Report progress toward identified priorities

2. Goals:
a. Formation of four workgroups:
(1). After-school programs for post-elementary children
(2). Therapeutic services and translators for Hispanic children/families
b. Designate follow-up process

3. Brief CPMT Meeting

9:15-9:25 Roles of the CPMT and FAPT, Tony Hooper [Copies are in retreat
attendees’ packets.]

9:25-10:10- Agency Issues and Challenges and Progress Thus Far Toward Addressing Identified Priorities

9:25-9:40 - Social Services, Jan Selbo, Director
9: 40-9:55 - Fauquier County Sheriff’s Office, Cody Perry, School
Resource Officer
9:55-10:10 - Juvenile Court Service Unit, Kenny Smith, Director

10:10-10:20 Break [During the break, all six presenters, Parent Representatives, and Private Providers should add to the post-its on the walls:
(1) Any additional items that should be added to the list of community needs,
(2) currently available services, and
(3) any services that your agency must go out of the community to obtain.]

10:20 Agency Issues and Challenges and Progress Thus Far Toward
Addressing Identified Priorities, continued

10:20-10:35 - Community Services Board, John Waldeck, Director of
RRCSB Clinical Services

10:35-10: 50 - Public Health, Kathy Wright, Public Health Nurse

10:50-11:05 - FCPS/Special Education, Michael Romanelli, Director

11:05-11:15 Summary of Identified Community Needs and Current Services, Tony Hooper

11:05-11:10 – Review final list of needs posted on walls including any
additional needs brought forth by presenters

11:10-11:15 –Prioritize list - Attendees should star priority issues that
they believe CPMT can effectively address. [Each attendee has 3 stars to mark priority needs and may use all 3 stars on one item if they want.]

11:15-11:20 –Quick break

11:20-11:25 - Wrap-Up, Tony Hooper

A. Workgroup Facilitators and Members
1. After-school programs for older children (post-elementary), particularly those that increase social skills

2. Therapeutic services and translators for Hispanic children/families



B. Reporting Mechanism/Frequency for Workgroups Status Reports Will Be on CPMT Meeting Agendas Beginning January, 2006

11:25-11: 35 – Brief Meeting of Workgroups, Tony Hooper

11:35-Adjournment, Tony Hooper

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