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Community Policy and Management Team



to be held at 1:30 p.m. in the Second Floor Large Conference Room, 320 Hospital Drive, Warrenton, VA

1:30 p.m.: Call to Order, Chair

Approval of Agenda, Chair

1:35 p.m.: Chair Time, Chair

Advice from Deputy County Attorney re the Final Interagency Guidelines on Specific Foster Care Services for Children in Need of Services Funded Through the Comprehensive Services Act, Tracy Gallehr

Q & A Session re the Final Interagency Guidelines…, Tracy Gallehr

Recommended CPMT Appeals Policies and Procedures, Tracy Gallehr

Approval of CPMT Appeals Policies and Procedures, Chair

Discussion of Court Processes to be Provided to Parents, Tracy Gallehr

Approval of Court Processes Policies and Procedures, Chair

Discussion/Endorsement of Current Co-Payment Program to be Implemented for New CHINS Cases, Chair

Approval of Current Schedule of Utilization Reviews for New CHINS Cases, Chair

Process for Timely Designation of Agency to Act on Behalf of CPMT in Making the Agreement with the Parent, Chair

Current Status of CHINS Case, Kenny Smith/Mary Pitts

Discussion of Process/Timeline to be Followed with this First CHINS Case, Chair/Tracy Gallehr

Discussion/Endorsement of Timeline for Future CHINS Cases, Tracy Gallehr/Chair

3:05 p.m.: Break

3:10 p.m.: Juvenile Court Service Unit Process for Kids Found with Illegal Substances, Mary Pitts, Probation Supervisor, and Ken Smith, Director, JCSU

3:25 p.m.: Director’s Time, CSA Director

Statistical Reports
Retreat Goals: Please submit suggestions for priorities you believe the group should address during the upcoming CSA retreat.
Transition Coordinator for Children’s Mental Health Services

Consent Agenda

3:35 p.m.: Cases that Do Not Meet Streamline or Administrative Modification/ Non-FAPT Guidelines, CSA Director

Case # 447 Thomas Altman, DSS
Case # 498 Shannon Godfrey, DSS
Case # 469 Gabby Lewis, DSS

3:40 p.m.: Streamlineable Cases

3:45 p.m.: Administratively Modified/Non-FAPT Cases

Closed Session

3:50 p.m.: Discussion of Specific Cases, if requested

3:55 p.m.: Move Out of Closed Session

4:00 p.m.: Members’ Time

4:05 p.m.: FAPT Time, FAPT Chair

4:10 p.m.: Adjournment

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