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Disability Services Board



10:00 a.m.
Warren Green Building, 2nd Floor Conference Room,
10 Hotel Street, Warrenton, VA, 20186

1. Call to Order, Introductions & Opening Remarks - Mr. Robison

2. Adoption of the Agenda - Mr. Robison

3. Adoption of the June 10, 2009 Minutes - Mr. Robison

4. Citizens’ Time and DRS Update - Mrs. Miller, DRS

5. School Update – Fauquier High - Mr. Greg Livesay
The Office of Civil Rights investigation has been closed
effective June 25, 2009 with the School Division fulfilling
all agreed upon commitments.

6. VADSB Local Government Employment Awareness Grant Mrs. Risdon

7. Subcommittee Reports
• Accessibility Investigation Committee – Mr. Harne, Mr. Robison, Mr. Harris, Mr. Cox, Mrs. Burnette
• Disability Friendly Awards Committee - Mrs. Reid, Mrs. Elgin, Mr. Robison, Mr. Harne
• Public Awareness Committee - Mrs. Elgin, Mrs. Reid, Mr. Cox

8. Old Business

9. New Business

10. Roundtable Discussion (Board Members and Staff)

11. Next Regular Meeting: Wednesday, August 12, 2009, 10:00 a.m.
Special Note: In the past, the August meetings have been cancelled. If that is the case for 2009, the next meeting would be Wednesday, September 9, 2009.

12. Adjournment

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