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Finance Committee



1:00 P.M.
320 Hospital Hill Drive
AJC 2nd Floor Large Conference Room


I. Reports

A. Treasurer’s Report on Delinquent Tax Collections – Beth Ledgerton

B. County Attorney’s Report – Mary Catherine Sheridan

C. Financial Reports – Vivian McGettigan
1. Ambulance Recovery June 30, 2008 and FY09 Projections
2. Health Insurance

D. Budget Office Reports – Ari Sky

1. Revenue
2. FY 2009 Undedicated Contingency Reserve

II. Consent Agenda Items – FY 2009

A. School Division

1. Fauquier High School Greenhouse - $253,462
(from Capital Funds to School’s Greenhouse Code)
2. Project Graduation Summer Grant - $4,500
(from State Funds to School Division)

B. Environmental Services
Litter Control Program – $61,684
(from Landfill Tipping Fees to Adult Court Services)

C. Sheriff’s Office
Wrecked Vehicle - $3,463
(from Insurance Reimbursement to Sheriff’s Office, Vehicle Repair)

D. Conservation Easement Service District (CESD) – Carryover
Purchase of Development Rights - $1,030,564
(from CESD Fund Balance to CESD)

E. Airport – Carryover
Obstruction Removal - $88,000
(from Federal & State Grants)

F. Fire and Emergency Services
Ambulance Recovery Program Budget - $661,106
(from Ambulance Recovery Revenue to Expense)

G. Fire and Rescue Association – Carryover
1. Phase 1 Construction – Remington, New Baltimore and Warrenton Fire Stations - $724,957
(from F&RA Fund Balance)
2. Various Fire & Rescue - $296,000
(from F&RA Fund Balance)

III. Regular Agenda Transfers

A. School Division

1. Title I - $144,700
(from Federal Funds for School Division Internal Transfer)
2. Auburn and Cedar Lee Middle School’s Capital - $52,701
(from Capital Funds to School’s Capital Construction Reserve)

B. Budget Office

Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) - $400,000
(from County Construction Reserve to Capital SPCA)

C. Community Development
Marshall Service District Plan (Part Time Salaries) - $10,000
(from Contingency Reserve to Community Development PT Salaries)

IV. De-appropriation
School Division
Title I - $175,917
(from School Division)

V. Departmental Briefing
Community Development Presentation
Proffer Fund

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