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Finance Committee



Warren Green Building, 2nd Floor Conference Room, 10 Hotel Street, Warrenton
11:30 a.m.

I. Reports
A. Treasurer’s Report on Delinquent Tax Collections – Beth Ledgerton

B. County Attorney’s Report – Mary Catherine Sheridan

C. Financial Reports – Janet Romanchyk
Health Insurance Fund

D. Budget Office Reports – Ari Sky
1. Revenue Report
2. Contingency Reserve Report

II. Consent Agenda Items – FY 2009

A. School Division
Mentor Teacher Program - $11,633
(from State Funds to School Division)

B. Management & Budget
Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services Grant - $60,000
(from Federal Funds to Piedmont Dispute Resolution Center)

C. Finance
New Baltimore Tap Fees - $9,500
(from Utility Fund Prior Year Fund Balance to Utility Fund debt service)

D. General Services
Warrenton Community Center Roof - $175,099
(from Insurance Reimbursement to Major Systems and Comprehensive Maintenance)

III. Regular Agenda Transfers

New Baltimore Sewer Bond Debt Service - $251,398
(from Utility Fund Contingency to Utility Fund debt service)

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