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Finance Committee



September 25, 2003
4:00 P.M.

I. Report on Delinquent Tax Collections: Treasurer and County Attorney’s Office

II. Consent Agenda
A. Supplemental Appropriations - Requires Board of Supervisors’ Approval
FY 2004
1. Sheriff’s Office
a. Share of Forfeiture Proceeds – DEA Group 33 – $1,640
(from Federal Funds to Sheriff’s Office)
b. Insurance Recovery (wrecked vehicle) - $8,950
(from Insurance to Sheriff’s Office)

2. VPI Extension Office
West Nile Virus Education Program - $28,829
(from Fund Balance – Carryover to VPI Extension Office)

3. Adult Court Services
New Lease Agreement - $5,250
(from Contingency Reserve to Adult Court Services)

4. School Division
a. Counseling Academic Parenting Services (CAPS) Grant - $50,000
(from State Funds to School Division)
b. Sliver Grant - $3,917
(from Federal Funds to School Division)
c. Liberty High School Fence - $11,915
(from Insurance to School Division)
d. Fauquier Technology Alliance - $3,500
(from Donation to School Division)
e. Textbook Funding - $317,901
(from Capital Fund to Textbook Fund)

5. Social Services
Quality Initiative State Grant - $1,879
(from Fund Balance – Carryover to Social Services)

6. Human Resources and Budget Office
Gain Sharing Initiatives - $14,448
(from Fund Balance – Carryover to Human Resources and Budget Office)

B. Transfers
School Division
Capital Fund - $5,057.54
(from Capital Fund Project to Capital Fund Project)

III. Regular Agenda
A. Supplemental Appropriations - Requires Board of Supervisors’ Approval
FY 2003
1. School Division
a. Textbook Funding - $763,864.73
(from CIP, Elementary & Secondary Textbooks to Textbook Fund)
FY 2004
b. Textbook Fund Balance - $126,241.25
(from Fund Balance to Textbook Fund)

2. Community Development
Three New Positions: (Part-Time Temporary (PTT) to Full-Time Permanent (FTP) Engineer Position, (Part-Time Temporary (PTT) to Full-Time Permanent (FTP) Office Associate II Position and Office Management Position - $117,904
(from Community Development Revenue to Community Development)

B. Transfers
FY 2004
1. Public Health
Match for Existing State Funds - $10,641
(from Contingency Reserve to Public Health)

2. School Division
Bus Replacement - $162,931
(from Auburn Middle School (CIP) to Buses (CIP)

IV. Comments

1. Finance - Janice Bourne
Health Insurance Report

2. Budget Office – Bryan Tippie
Revenue Report

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