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Finance Committee



4:00 P.M.
320 Hospital Hill
1st Floor Social Services Conference Room

I. Report on Delinquent Tax Collections: Treasurer and County Attorney’s Office

II. Consent Agenda

A. Supplemental Appropriations - Requires Board of Supervisors’ Approval
FY 2004
1. Library
E-Rate Refund - $2,395
(from Federal Funds to New Baltimore Branch Library)

2. Sheriff’s Office
a. Forfeited Asset Sharing Program – $1,368
(from State Funds to Sheriff’s Office - Seizures)
b. Checkpoint Strike Force Grant (DUI Checkpoints) - $3,000
(from Federal Funds to Sheriff’s Office – Overtime)

3. School Division
a. Assistive Technology Grant - $1,990
(from Federal Funds to Special Education)
b. Technology Funds (CIP) - $1,725,339.18
(from CIP Technology to Schools Operating Budget)

B. Transfers


III. Regular Agenda
A. Supplemental Appropriations - Requires Board of Supervisors’ Approval
FY 2004
1. Parks & Recreation
a. Fitness Equipment, Vint Hill Village Green - $58,000
(from Carryover-Fund Balance to P&R)
b. Operational Issues; Program Costs, Swimming Lessons, Equipment Contingency - $31,171
(from Carryover – Fund Balance to P&R)
c. Vint Hill Pool Operational Costs - $85,075
(from P&R budget ($74,525) and Contingency Reserve ($10,550)

2. County Administration
Courthouse Renovations - $1,550,000
(from Fund Balance to Courthouse Renovations)

B. Transfers
FY 2004
School Division
a. Cedar Lee Roof Repair - $48,498.09
(from School’s Canopy CIP account to Cedar Lee CIP Account)
b. New High School - $1,486,865
(from School’s CIP Construction Reserve to New High School CIP Account)
c. Fauquier High School Track Repair - $16,951
(from Marshall Middle School Capital Improvements (CIP) to Fauquier High School CIP)

IV. Comments

1. Finance - Janice Bourne
a. Health Insurance Report
b. CAFR Status

2. Budget Office – Bryan Tippie
a. Cash Match for New High School
b. Fund Balance Status
c. Revenue Report

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