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Finance Committee



10:00 A.M.
10 Hotel Street
2nd Floor Conference Room

I. Report on Delinquent Tax Collections: Treasurer and County Attorney’s Office

II. Consent Agenda

A. Supplemental Appropriations - Requires Board of Supervisors’ Approval

FY 2007
1. Warrenton-Fauquier Joint Communications Center (WFJCC) (Carryover)
a. Furniture Upgrade Project - $59,898
(from WFJCC Fund Balance to WFJCC)
b. Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA) – $9,850
(from WFJCC Fund Balance to WFJCC)

2. Water Resource Management Program/County Administration (Carryover)
Emery & Garrett Groundwater, Inc. Consultant Fees - $18,000
(from Fund Balance to County Administration Water Resource Management)

3. Fire and Emergency Services (F&ES) (Carryover)
F&ES Vehicle Replacement - $35,000
(from Fund Balance to F&ES)

4. Parks & Recreation (P&R) (Carryover)
a. Rappahannock Landing Project Archaeological Survey - $20,828
(from Fund Balance to P&R)
b. Equipment - $13,213
(from Fund Balance to P&R)
c. Lake Brittle Operations & Security - $31,500
(from Fund Balance to P&R)
d. P&R Comprehensive Maintenance - $141,354
(from Fund Balance to P&R)

5. Sheriff’s Office (Carryover)
DEA Seizure Funds - $7,169
(from Fund Balance, Federal Funds, to Sheriff’s Office)

6. Social Services
a. Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) Grant - $24,667
(from State Funds to Social Services)
b. Adoption Incentive Funds - $4,053
(from Federal Funds to Social Services)

7. School Division
a. Textbook Fund - $57,439 (Carryover)
(from Textbook Fund Balance to Textbook Fund)
b. Title III Part A Grant - $31,415
(from Federal Funds to School Division)

8. General Services (Carryover)
a. Comprehensive Maintenance -$49,451
(from Fund Balance to Comprehensive Maintenance)
b. Courthouse Maintenance - $48,617
(from Fund Balance to Courthouse Maintenance)
c. Armory - $21,367
(from Fund Balance to Armory)
These State Armory funds have been held for Armory use.

9. Fire & Rescue Association (FRA) (Carryover)
F&RA Administrative Funds - $52,962
(from F&RA Fund Balance to F&RA)

10. Agricultural Development - Conservation Easement Service District (PDR) (Carryover)
Purchase of Development Rights Funds (PDR) - $2,203,429
(from Conservation Easement Service District Fund Balance)

11. Environmental Services
Revised FY 2007 Budget - $1,615,240
(from Environmental Services Fund Balance)

12. Community Development (Carryover)
a. Bealeton Connector - $35,000
(from Fund Balance to Community Development)
b. Transportation Model Project (Marshall) - $12,000
(from Fund Balance to Community Development)

13. Commissioner of Revenue (Carryover)
Construction Appraisals and Building Permits $29,222
(from Fund Balance to Commissioner of Revenue)

B. Transfers

III. Regular Agenda
A. Supplemental Appropriations - Requires Board of Supervisors’ Approval
FY 2007
Community Development Block Grant Botha Project - $49,913
(from Loan Repayments to Fauquier Housing Corporation for Affordable Housing issues)

B. Transfers
1. Budget Office
Capital Fund Projects Close Out and Budget Adjustments - $27,249
(from Motor Vehicles, Communication Equipment and Land Purchase to Computer Hardware and Construction Reserve)

2. County Administration
Northern Sports Complex - $400,000
(from Capital Northern Pool to Capital Northern Sports Complex)

IV. Comments
1. Finance – Vivian McGettigan
Health Insurance Report

2. Budget Office – Bryan Tippie
a. Revenue Report
b. E-Mail Filtering Services - $8,100
c. Mountain Vista Governor’s School

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