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Finance Committee



9:00 A.M. – 9:30 A.M. Joint Work Session
9:30 A.M. – 10:00 Finance Committee Meeting
10 Hotel Street
2nd Floor Conference Room

Joint Work Session Agenda

1. FY 2008 Budget

2. Health Insurance Budgeting Agreement

3. Capital Transfers

Finance Committee Agenda

I. Report on Delinquent Tax Collections: Treasurer and County Attorney’s Office

II. Consent Agenda

A. Supplemental Appropriations - Requires Board of Supervisors’ Approval

FY 2007
1. Finance and Human Resources
Vint Hill Services - $18,750
(from Vint Hill to Finance and Human Resources)

2. Sheriff’s Office
a. Wrecked Vehicle - $1,336
(from Insurance Reimbursement to Sheriff’s Office)
b. Share of Forfeiture Proceeds - $5,011
(from State Funds to Sheriff’s Office Drug Enforcement)

3. Social Services
70 Main Street Rent - $15,470
(from Federal Funds to Social Services)

4. Warrenton – Fauquier Joint Communications Center (WFJCC)
WFJCC and Radio Manager Telephone Expenses - $19,812
(from WFJCC & Radio Manager Budgets to Information Technology)

5. Parks and Recreation
Larry Weeks Community Pool Concessions - $16,478
(from Local Funds to P&R Pool)
6. Armory
Armory Expenses Reimbursement - $4,950
(from State Funds to Comprehensive Maintenance)

7. Budget Office
Salary Reduction – Temporary Staff Appropriation – $44,293
(from General Fund Departments to Salary Reserve)

8. County Administration
Bond Interest for Mellon Northern Sports Field Complex - $380,318
(from Bond Interest to N. Sports Field Complex)

B. Transfers
Inactive Utility Fund Projects - $1,859,292
(from Utility Fund to Utility Fund Contingency)

III. Regular Agenda

A. Supplemental Appropriations - Requires Board of Supervisors’ Approval
School Division
FY 2006 Carryover Funds Distribution - $3,022,882
(from FY 2006 Fund Balance to School Division)

B. Transfers
1. General Services
a. Transfers – $327,233
(from General Services Operations to Maintenance)
b. Transfers - $78,743
(from General Services Operations to Buildings & Grounds)

2. School Division
a. Capital Funds - $27,675
(from Pearson Roof to School Sewer Systems)
b. Capital Funds - $69,266
(from Cedar Lee HVAC & Roof to Cedar Lee Media Center)
c. Capital Funds - $175,298
(from Student Lockers and High School Track & Tennis to FHS Greenhouse)

3. Board of Supervisors
Virginia Regional Transportation Association (VRTA) Additional Funds - $2,040
(from Contingency Reserve to VRTA)

4. Finance
Audit Fees for Two (2) Fire & Rescue Companies – $10,000
(from Contingency Reserve to Independent Auditor)

IV. De-appropriation
1. Environmental Services
Litter Control Program Duplication - $42,936
(from Adult Court to Environmental Services)

2. Budget Office
Fire & Rescue Association’s (F&RA) Fund Balance - $22,257
(from F&RA Contingency to F&RA Fund Balance)

V. Comments
1. Finance – Vivian McGettigan
Health Insurance Report

2. Budget Office – Bryan Tippie
a. Revenue Report
b. Budget Adjustment Guidelines

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