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Finance Committee



10:00 A.M.
10 Hotel Street
2nd Floor Conference Room

I. Report on Delinquent Tax Collections: Treasurer and County Attorney’s Office

II. Consent Agenda
A. Supplemental Appropriations - Requires Board of Supervisors’ Approval
FY 2008
1. Commonwealth’s Attorney (Carryover)
Drug Forfeiture, State Funds - $9,052
(from Fund Balance to Commonwealth’s Attorney)

2. County Administration (Carryover)
Water Resource Management Program - $211,974
(from Fund Balance to County Administration)

3. Sheriff’s Office (Carryover)
Supplies - $5,177
(from Fund Balance to Sheriff’s Office)

4. Parks & Recreation (P&R) (Carryover)
a. Comprehensive Maintenance - $78,577
(from Fund Balance to P&R)
b. Lake Brittle - $31,500
(from Fund Balance to P&R)
c. Rappahannock Landing Project - $15,287
(from Fund Balance to P&R)
d. Larry Weeks Pool Expenses - $4,040
(from Fund Balance to P&R)

5. General Services (Carryover)
Comprehensive Maintenance, $65,167; Major System Replacement, $139,490; Courthouse Maintenance, $75,230
(from Fund Balance to General Services)

6. Information Technology (IT) (Carryover)
Data Center Renovation Door Access System - $28,579
(from Fund Balance to IT)

7. Community Development (Carryover)
TMODEL (Transportation Model) 2 Project - $14,196
(from Fund Balance to Community Development and Planning Commission)

8. County Administration (Carryover)
American Disabilities Act (ADA) Inspections - $2,375
(from Fund Balance to County Administration)

9. Fire and Emergency Services (F&ES) (Carryover)
Local Emergency Management Performance, Homeland Security and Rescue Squad Assistance Fund Grants - $59,747
(from Fund Balance to F&ES)

10. Fire and Rescue Association (F&RA) (Carryover)
a. Various - $540,000
(from F&RA Fund Balance to F&RA)
b. School Bus Garage Entrance - $38,793
(from F&RA Fund Balance to F&RA)
c. Catlett, Remington & New Baltimore Fire Stations - $584,291
(from F&RA Fund Balance to F&RA)

11. School Division
Modular House - $10,121
(from Local Donation to School Division)

12. Parks & Recreation
Larry Weeks Community Pool Concession - $15,869
(from Local Pool Revenue to P&R)

B. Transfers
FY 2008

III. Regular Agenda
A. Supplemental Appropriations - Requires Board of Supervisors’ Approval
FY 2008
1. Conservation Easement Service District (PDR) (Carryover)
Purchase of Development Rights (PDR) funds - $2,228,651
(from Conservation Easement Service District Fund)

2. Fire & Emergency Services (F&ES) (Carryover)
Wireless Project for Fire & Rescue - $6,651
(from Fund Balance to F&ES)

3. Environmental Services (Carryover)
Household Recycling Center Equipment - $554,577
(from Environmental Services Fund Balance)

4. Fire and Rescue Association (F&RA) (Carryover)
a. Fire Training Trailer - $103,479
(from F&RA Fund Balance to F&RA)
b. Warrenton, $415,000 and Remington Fire Stations, $500,000 - $915,000
(from F&RA Fund Balance to Warrenton and Remington Fire Stations)

5. Budget Office
Warren Green Building Roof Replacement - $176,589
(from County Construction Reserve to General Fund)

FY 2008
B. Transfers

1. Community Services Board
Additional Funding - $19,411
(from Contingency Reserve to Community Services Board)

2. County Administration
Establish Reassessment Coordinator Position, Full Time Permanent for Two (2) Years - $26,448
(from Contingency Reserve to Reassessment)

3. Sheriff’s Office
LEOS Multiplier Increase - $66,125
(from Sheriff’s Office to Salary Reserve)
4. Budget Office
Fair Board Tipping Fees Reimbursement - $1,565
(from Contingency Reserve to Fair Board)

5. Fire and Rescue Association (F&RA)
Remington Fire Station - $982,921
(from F&RA CIP Transfer to Remington Fire Station)

IV. Comments
1. Finance – Vivian McGettigan
Health Insurance Report

2. Budget Office – Bryan Tippie
Revenue Report

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