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Library Board



Warrenton Library
3:00 PM

I. Call to Order - 3:00 PM - Mrs. Severin

II. Adoption of the Agenda - As required - Mrs. Severin

III. Public Comment - As required

IV. Approval of Minutes - As required Mrs. Severin

V. Approval of Bills and Purchase Orders - As required - Mrs. Severin

VI. Administrative Report - As required - Mrs. Del Rosso

VII. Business
A. Consent Agenda
1. Delinquent Patrons
B. New Business
C. Old Business
1. Meeting Room Policy and Guidelines

VIII. Status Report
a) FY ’12 Budget/CIP FY ’12-‘17
b) Facilities
c) Fundraising
d) Bealeton Depot
e) Board Meeting Schedule
f) Personnel

IX. Board of Trustees Time

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