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Library Board



Warrenton Library
4:00 PM

I. Call to Order--4:00 PM--Mrs. Severin

II. Adoption of the Agenda--As required--Mrs. Severin

III. Public Comment--As required

IV. Approval of Minutes--As required--Mrs. Severin

V. Ratification/Approval of Purchase Orders--As required--Mrs. Severin

VI. Administrative Report--As required--Mrs. Del Rosso

VII. Business

A. Consent Agenda
1. Delinquent Patrons

B. New Business
1. Election of Officers
2. FY ’08 Budget Initiatives

C. Old Business

D. Status Report
a) FY ’08-’17 Capital Improvements Plan
b) Planning Process for the Five-Year Plan
c) Bealeton Depot
d) John Barton Payne
e) New Baltimore Branch Library
f) John Barton Payne Table
g) Disruptive Young Patrons
h) Personnel

VIII. Board of Trustees Time

IX. Adjourn to Work Session to Discuss the Five-Year Plan

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