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Parks and Recreation Board



7:00 P.M.

..............ITEM...................................ACTION PROPOSED

7:00 Meeting
I. Call to Order

II. Pledge of Allegiance

III. Approval of Agenda

IV. Comments from Citizens

V. Presentations/Commendations - Action

VI. Consent Agenda
A. Minutes - Approval
B. Treasurer's Report & Payment of Bills - Action
C. Revision B 8 Guidelines to Cash Handling - Action
D. Revision B 12-7 Payment of Bills - Action
E. Revision B 12 Procurement - Action
F. Revision H 1-2 Automotive and Ground Equipment Use - Action
G. Revisions to Parks and Recreation Policy M 18-6 Accident Forms - Action

VII. Reports
A. Bids/Contracts Committee - Action
B. School Cooperative Agreement Liaison - Information
C. Legislative Liaison - Information
D. Budget Committee - Information
E. Town Liaisons - Information
F. Pedestrian, Bicycle & Greenway Advisory Committee - Action
G. Marshall Community Center Advisory Committee - Information
H. Fauquier Community Theater Negotiating Committee - Information
I. Senior Olympics Committee - Information
J. Vint Hill Public Private Partnership Study Committee - Action
K. Director’s Report - Info/Action

VIII. Action Items
A. Revision to Fees & Charges Policy B 8-1 - Action
B. Acceptance of Donated Property - Action
C. Vint Hill HOA donation - Action

IX. Information Items - Information

X. Board Time

XI. Adjournment

The backup materials for each agenda item are available for public review at:
Fauquier County Library
Parks and Recreation Administrative Office
Marshall Community Center
Warrenton Community Center
Vint Hill Village Green Community Center
C.M. Crockett Park
Fauquier County Administrative Offices

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