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Parks and Recreation Board



7:00 P.M.

......................ITEM......................ACTION PROPOSED

7:00 Meeting

I. Call to Order

II. Pledge of Allegiance

III. Approval of Agenda

IV. Comments from Citizens

V. Presentations/Commendations

VI. Consent Agenda

A. Minutes - Approval
B. Treasurer's Report & Payment of Bills - Action
C. Revisions to Policy L6 Water Impoundment Withdrawal - Action
D. Revision to Trust Fund Policy B 18-8 - Action
E. Central Region Special Events Trust Fund Usage Request - Action

VII. Reports
A. Bids/Contracts Committee - Information
B. School Cooperative Agreement Liaison - Information
C. Legislative Liaison - Information
D. Budget Committee - Information
E. Pedestrian, Bicycle & Greenway Advisory Committee - Action
F. Marshall Community Center Advisory Committee - Information
G. Fauquier Community Theater Negotiating Committee - Information
H. Senior Olympics Committee - Information
I. Energy Conservation Committee - Information
J. Vint Hill Public Private Partnership Study Committee - Information
K. Director’s Report - Info/Action

VIII. Action Items
A. Hall of Honor - Action
B. Revisions to Policy F 7 Guidelines for Recognition of Gifts - Action
C. Private Equipment on Public Property - Action

IX. Access/Inclusion - Info/Action

X. Information Items - Information

XI. Board Time

XII. Adjournment

The backup materials for each agenda item are available for public review at:
Fauquier County Library
Parks and Recreation Administrative Office
Marshall Community Center
Warrenton Community Center
Vint Hill Village Green Community Center
C.M. Crockett Park
Fauquier County Administrative Offices

Access provided for people with disabilities. Call the Regional Offices/Administrative Office at least 72 hours in advance for specific requests.

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