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Social Services Board



Fauquier Social Services Office, Warrenton, VA
4:30 p.m.

I. Call to Order

II. Adopt the Agenda

III. Adopt the Minutes

IV. Public Comment:

V. Closed Session: Code of Virginia 2.23711(7)
A. Update ASAPS #1484271
B. Update OASIS #437553 Bob Beard
C. EEOC Update

VI. Staff Report: Introduce Mittie Wallace, Program Manager, Adult Programs

VII. Closed Session: Code of Virginia-63.2-104
A. Addendum to Adoption Subsidy-OASIS #20025729

VIII. Action Items
A. Addendum to Adoption Subsidy-OASIS #20025729
B. Affirmative Action Plan
C. Affirmative Action Policy Statement
D. 2006 Compensation Plan

IX. Information Items
A. Budget Update
B. Food Stamp Compliance Review
C. Eldercare Conversation and Strategic Issues-March 15, 2006
D. Statistics and Financials

X. Next Board Meeting Date: March 28, 2006

XI. Board Comments:

XII. Adjournment:

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