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Towing and Recovery Advisory Board


The mission of the Fauquier County Towing and Recovery Advisory Board is to protect the public by setting standards of qualifications, training, and experience for those who seek to represent themselves to the public as towing and recovery professionals, and to promote high standards of professional performance for those engaged in the practice of towing and recovery.

Monthly Stat Reports are now available on the Minutes page. (click on the "Minutes" link above)

Tow Application for July 15,2015 - June 15, 2016 (due no later than May 15, 2015)

Fauquier County Towing Zones Map

Citizen Complaint Form

Vehicle Inspection Report

Fauquier County Motor Vehicles and Traffic Ordinance (click on Chapter 13, Article V, 13-62 through 13-78)

The Board of Supervisors is seeking dedicated and qualified Fauquier County citizens to fill committee vacancies. In order to obtain information concerning vacancies, please contact the Board of Supervisors, or the County Administration offices. To be considered for an appointment to a committee, please fill out this Application for Appointment to Committee and send it to the Board of Supervisors Office, 10 Hotel Street, Suite 208, Warrenton, VA 20186.

Public Meetings Calendar

Committee Term: Ad Hoc

Board Members

Board Member or Staff


Term Expiration

Dave Foster
Neil Stribling
Ron Stanley
Eddy Payne
Steve Wright
Capt. Billy Hitt
Phone: 540-422-8724
Email Address: billy.hitt@fauquiercounty.gov  
Fauquier County Sheriff’s Office - Chairman 
Sergeant Charlie Crummett, Jr.
Virginia State Police 
Officer Sam Tilley
Warrenton Police Department 
Lt. Col. Paul Mercer
Phone: 540-422-8602
Fax: 540-422-8605
Email Address: paul.mercer@fauquiercounty.gov  
Fauquier County Sheriff's Office - Staff Lead 

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