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Civil War fighting took place in and around the village of Upperville. The Route 50 Corridor is today known as “Mosby Country” because of his numerous activities along the road. Some of his more famous exploits and battles took place at the nearby towns of Aldie and Middleburg.

The most famous battle in Upperville, however, took place in the days leading up to the Battle of Gettysburg. In June of 1863, the area played host to many battles between Union and Confederate troops. Most of the battles were efforts by the Confederates, led by General J.E.B Stuart, to ensure General Robert E. Lee’s troops safe passage to Pennsylvania. In the end, the efforts proved successful and Lee’s troops completed their march through the Shenandoah Valley unscathed and continued on to Gettysburg.

The Battle of Upperville was particularly bloody and resulted in heavy casualties for both sides, both men and horses. Federal Col. William Doster reflected on the battle by saying: “As we ride through the high road, it is mournful to see the heaps of dead blue and gray…” Many of the soldiers that fought and survived this battle would go on to meet again at Gettysburg.

historical_6Today, the site is commemorated with a historical marker that stands in Upperville Park. Across the street is a cemetery in which are buried some of the casualties of that battle, including native resident J. Warren Brent. More information about the battles, as well as a self-guided tour through the area can be found at http://www.civilwartraveler.com/ .