Award & Public Posting Notices

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AWARD NOTICES:  Award Notices are posted for approximately ten (10) days. 

NOA, 17-18ksc, Landfill Closure, 12.15.17

NOA, 36-18ksc, MCC Clubhouse Computer Lab 1-3-18

NOA, IFB 41-18sm, PSR Tower Reinforcement Project, 1-18-18  

Notice of Acceptance, Unsolicited PPEA Proposal - and, Redacted Proposal Posting:

NOAC, Unsolicited Broadband Proposal, FTS 9-22-17

Please note, the following redacted proposal is 253 pages in length 

FTS Fiber - Fauquier County Proposal Final - Public Copy_Redacted

FTS Proprietary Justification Form, indicating reasons for redacted sections:

FTS Proprietary Declaration

PUBLIC POSTING NOTICES:  Sole Source and Emergency Purchases over $50,000 in value.