To:                  Members of the Board of Supervisors


From:             Harry F. Atherton


Date:              December 31, 2004


Re:                 Board Assignments


In the event that the Board deems it appropriate for me to be the Chairman for calendar year 2004, I would propose the following Committee, Board and Commission assignments.  Please contact me at your earliest convenience if there are additions, deletions or changes required.



Agricultural and Forestal District

Mr. Atherton

Airport Committee

Mr. Graham

Disability Services Board

Mr. Graham

Facilities Planning and Implementation

Mr. Downey (Chair) / Mr. Robison

Finance Committee

Mr. Graham (Chair) / Mr. Downey

High Growth Coalition*

Mr. Atherton

Joint Communications Board*

Mr. Graham

Northern Sports Field Complex & Park Oversight Committee

Mr. Downey (Chair) / Mr. Atherton

Personnel Committee

Mr. Atherton (Chair) / Mr. Robison

Potomac River Basin Roundtable*

Mr. Atherton / Mr. Graham (Alternate)

Public Safety

Mr. Stribling (Chair) / Mr. Graham

Quantico Civilian/Military Community Relations Executive Council*

Mr. Graham

Rappahannock-Rapidan Regional Commission*

Mr. Stribling

Rappahannock-Rapidan Regional Commission CEO’s*

Mr. Atherton

Rappahannock River Basin Study Commission*

Mr. Atherton / Mr. Stribling (Alternate)

Regional Jail Board*

Mr. Stribling

Route 50 Traffic Calming Task Force*

Mr. Atherton

Transportation Committee

Mr. Atherton / Mr. Downey

Western Transportation Corridor

Mr. Graham / Mr. Downey

Workforce Investment Commission (CLEO)*

Mr. Atherton / Mr. Graham



*Starred committees, boards, commissions or other entities are those which are not created by the Board of Supervisors but to which the Board appoints one or more members.