Board of Supervisors Meeting Date:

Joe Winkelmann, Center District Supervisor

January 6, 2003



Staff Lead :


Ross W. D'Urso and Beth Ledgerton

Commissioner of the Revenue and Treasurer


Topic Description:

In response to the closure of the local DMV office in October, elected officials of the Town and County have initiated efforts to restore certain limited state motor vehicle services to the community.  At a recent meeting with DMV officials, plans to provide services related to registration and titling of non-commercial vehicles were discussed.  DMV has proposed an agreement that would authorize the County to provide these services in conjunction with the offices of the Commissioner of Revenue and the Treasurer.  The State will provide operating expenses, computer equipment and interconnections in order to support automated services.    A fee of 3.5% of each transaction total will be paid to the County to offset the staffing costs associated with the provision of services.  DMV will provide training and support to the employees providing motor vehicle services.

The initial agreement is proposed for a period through June 30, 2003 .  During this initial period the County Administrator would serve as the License Agent.   Since the County is uncertain about how extensively the services will be utilized, it is proposed that the DMV services be initially provided at the Courthouse and that existing staff from the Commissionerís and Treasurerís offices support and augment any new staff that may be dedicated to this function.  This trial period will provide time to assess the adequacy of space and determine the extent of any physical plant requirements that may be required.  It is also anticipated that the Town and County will enter into a memorandum of understanding that will provide for cost sharing of any costs incurred in excess of the fees and reimbursements provided by the State for this service.

It is the understanding of staff that our legislative delegation will be attempting to restore the full service center to Warrenton.  This proposal does not hinder that effort.  The proposed agreement and staffing plan is structured to act as an interim solution.   It is contemplated that should this become a long tem function of the county, this service can be incorporated in the planned renovations in the Courthouse or be relocated off-site if the volume of customers interferes with other County operations.  

Requested Action of the Board of Supervisors:

Consider adoption of the attached resolution.

Fiscal Impact Analysis:

The County is seeking to structure an agreement that will provide services to meet the needs of residents and be fully funded from the State operating allotment and from the transaction fees.  The State has provided information that indicates approximately 60,000 of the nearly 84,000 transactions that previously occurred in the Warrenton service center were of the type that could be handled by county staff.  For planning purposes the State has suggested that one-third (about 20,000) of these customer transactions could be anticipated at the County service site generating approximately $45,000 to $50,000 annually.  It is anticipated that current combined Commissioner and Treasurer staff would need to be augmented by two (2) Deputy I positions.

Identify any other Departments, Organizations or Individuals that would be affected by this request:

General Services, Information Technology, County Attorney , County Administrator , Town of Warrenton


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